Licensing FAQs

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Can I use my Wizard license on a second computer?

Yes, you can use your activation code on up to three computers at a time.

I reinstalled my operating system. How can I restore my license?

First, install the latest release.

If you received an activation code by email, you can use the same code on your second computer.

If you did not receive an activation code, send an email to support@sngwiz.comrequesting an activation code.

I purchased a license but it has expired. How can I activate it?

Make sure your computer’s system clock is set to the correct date.

Make sure your fire wall is not blocking the Wizard’s access to the internet.

Select “License Management” on the Wizard’s help menu. Then click on the Register button.

If you still have a problem, open the About box on the Wizard’s help menu and send your license ID to

My trial period has expired but I never really used the Wizard much. Can I get a new trial?

Yes, follow these steps to get an extended trial.

  1. Open the Wizard.
  2. Click on the help menu at the top of the Wizard’s window.
  3. Click on “About…” on the help menu.
  4. Send the license ID in the About box to and request a trial extension.