SW2 Release Notes

Download the latest release here. – 2020/01/16

Various parser fixes – 2017/09/21

Fix Prima opponent action parsing – 2017/03/30

Fix Winamax update issue – 2016/12/01

Add Pacific (888) Blast tournament tag and blind structure. – 2016/11/17

Update graphs after analysis changes
Fix custom hands blind bug
Update current hand after change in analysis
Fix opponent hand range graph – 2016/11/10

Update opponent hand ranges when player opponent models are changed – 2016/09/13

Update Full Tilt parser – 2016/05/12

Fix custom hand payouts – 2016/04/04

Fix paste hand history command – 2016/01/28

Add 888 8-person DON tag
Fix Party quiz error – 2016/01/21

Fix final table detection – 2015/10/14

Fix quiz hero position bug
Fix parser bug – 2015/09/14

Fix previous/next commands – 2015/08/04

Fix previous/next commands
Fix status icons for 888 single table tournaments – 2015/07/17

Improved game status updating in hands grid – 2015/07/02

Improved hand status updating – 2015/05/14

Add PokerStars 6-max hyper turbo (Spain) tournament structure
Fix status icon update bug. – 2015/04/24

Fix default opponent model setting – 2015/04/24

Restore old PokerStars blind levels – 2015/04/23

Update PokerStars blind levels
Fix custom hand tournament tag bug – 2015/03/25

Add 8-person double or nothing tournament structure
Add Spin and Go tournament structure – 2015/02/11

Fix quiz mode updating of snapshot. – 2014/12/4

Fix quiz mode total chip counts in multi-table tournaments. – 2014/12/2

Fix display of tournament tag in quiz mode current hand view. – 2014/11/08

Add clipboard paste of hand history. – 2014/09/30

Fix crash when “Send to SitNGo Wizard” command has missing hand histories.
Add hero action to analysis summary.
Add 8-Person Fifty50 tournament tag. – 2014/08/23

Fix opponent hand range graphs
Fix high cpu usage when using custom opponent hand ranges.
Fix equity update problem.
Fix snapshot update problem. – 2014/08/04

Faster hero hand range calculations
Fix quiz update problem. – 2014/07/15

Add more hero effective stack options to quiz settings.
Better updating of quiz answers.
Fix tournament number in WPN hand parser.
Fix “Send to sngwiz” command. – 2014/06/13

Add two push opponent previous action to quiz.
Fix blind levels for PokerStars hyper-turbo tournaments.
Fix report filters.
Fix error loading hand. – 2014/06/04

Fix custom hand final table bug.
Fix quiz mode player stacks bug.
Fix quiz final table bug.
Fix problem with quiz finding the correct tournament tag.
Update opponent hand ranges after changing opponent model. – 2014/05/06

Fix custom hand payout bug.
Fix IPoker 6 person single table blinds and payouts. – 2014/05/02

Fix hand source and hand navigation bugs.
Don’t apply other report filters to tournaments view.
Fix quiz bug.
Fix custom hand issues. – 2014/04/14

Fix default hand range bug introduced by previous release. – 2014/04/13

Various bug fixes. – 2014/04/10

Add Ben Roberts equity model.
Improved equity calculation speed.
Double-click in hands grid opens analysis tab.
Hide pot in snap shot.
Fix crash when selecting early position in quiz mode. – 2014/03/27

Show hero stack size in BB in hands view.
Add missing blind levels.
Add hero position and blinds to current hand view.
Add default opponent model setting.
Add opponent models window.
Check for null tournament tag in custom hand dialog.
Check for null blind levels in custom hand dialog. – 2014/03/20

Fix status icon error.
Do not clear AutoStartAutoImport flag. – 2014/03/19

Display hero actions in bold.
Fix various hand parsing issues. – 2014/03/15

Add improved quiz mode (read about it here). – 2013/12/11

Fix some hand equity errors. – 2013/12/05

Fix 6-max tournament payouts. – 2013/12/02

Fix some hand equity errors.
Fix opponent hand range editor exclude slider.
Filter out omaha hands and refactor current view model. – 2013/10/31

Fix custom opponent hand ranges. – 2013/10/12

Optimize hero hole card grid calculations. – 2013/10/4

Fix heads-up equity bug. – 2013/10/2

Implement custom opponent hand ranges.
Implement tabbed opponent actions view.
Faster equity calculations. – 2013/6/29

Fix heads-up fold equity bug. – 2013/6/29

Fix opponent hand range updating.
Fix heads-up fold equity bug. – 2013/6/26

Implement improved equity analysis.
Fix error when try to edit opponent hand ranges.
Fix opponent hand range graphs.
Fix equity problem when 2 or more players bust with the same starting stack
Fix maximum qualified stack setting. – 2013/6/10

Various bug fixes.. – 2013/5/30

Update Full Tilt parser for file format changes. – 2013/5/6

Add check for new release.
Various user interface enhancements and fixes. – 2013/4/25

Improve current hand view behavior.
Fix crash when closing database manager.
Fix parsing of payouts for non-US cultures. – 2013/4/13

Fix problem reading payouts in tournament tags.. – 2013/4/8

First SW2 stand alone beta release. – 2013/1/3

First HM2 beta release.