SW3 Release Notes


Release (2022/04/29)

Update expiry

Release (2021/07/20)

Update expiry

Release (2021/04/16)

Fix license error

Release (2021/01/12)

Add support for GGPoker
Add support for PokerStars euro tournaments
Fix Party Poker parsing bug
Add support for PokerStars.it bounty tournaments
Add PartyPoker euro support
PokerStars parser enhancements
Report error when attempting to impor omaha tournament
888 parser improvements

Release (2020/11/15)

Update Party Poker parser for format change
Warn user when trying to import Winamax cash hands

Release (2020/09/10)

Fix custom hands equity updating

Release (2020/09/03)

Update Bovada parser
Report invalid player count errors

Release (2020/06/27)

Add support for 888.it hand histories

Release (2020/06/24)

Fix payout detection of Winamax double or nothing tournaments

Release (2020/06/23)

Update empirical opponent model
Fix null reference exception

Release (2020/06/12)

Fix tournament detection of Winamax double or nothing tournaments

Release (2020/05/29)

Update selected session after opening a different database

Release (2020/05/26)

Fix custom hand range update issue
Various bug fixes

Release (2020/04/17)

Various bug fixes

Release (2020/03/24)

Fix exception in computing hand ranges
Add omaha hands not supported warning

Release (2020/03/22)

Add support for Party Poker anonymous hands
Add warning message for observed PokerStars hands
Fix crash caused by hole card grid

Release (2020/03/18)

Fix bug in determining the starting stack size

Release (2020/03/03)

Fix parsing error for various cultures

Release (2020/02/20)

SW3: Improved tournament detection

Release (2020/01/21)

Check for empty database name on startup

Release (2020/01/20)

Create databases in appdata folder by default

Release (2020/01/17)

Fix 888 parse bug
Add logging for create database

Release (2019/12/20)

Improved tournament detection
Fix 888 parse bug

Release (2019/12/05)

Fix opponent hand range editor bug

Release (2019/11/30)

Fix minor bugs in UI
Fix setup on 32 bit computers

Release (2019/11/20)

Delete temp files on shutdown
Improve handling of database errors
Check for null hole cards in hole cards grid

Release (2019/10/31)

Fix custom hands bug

Release (2019/10/30)

Quiz mode fixes
Improve custom hand error reporting

Release (2019/10/17)

Improve auto-import
Import enhancements
Improve error reporting for custom hand ranges
Custom hand fixes
Add support for PokerStars anonymous hand histories
Improved error handling
Add cash hand bytes to progress

Release (2019/10/09)

Improve import performance
Fix HM3 database import
Tournament summary import improvements

Release (2019/10/01)

Improved importing
Add support for Winamax hands without antes
Improve Microgaming import performance
Disable auto import (temporarily)
Fix custom hand initialization bug

Release (2019/09/18)

Improved importing
Improved error handling

Release (2019/09/13)

Improved error handling
Fix import progress reporting

Release (2019/09/11)

Release (2019/09/12)

Empirical opponent model fix

Release (2019/09/11)

Fix custom hand view updating

Release (2019/09/10)

Improve tournament detection

Release (2019/09/10)

Improved auto import
Add AM/PM to displayed times
Fix empirical opponent model bug

Release (2019/08/30)

Fix custom hand bugs
Improve tournament detection
Fix bug in opponent hand range editor

Release (2019/08/29)

Fix updating of opponent hand ranges

Release (2019/08/28)

Update equities when changing tournament payouts

Release (2019/08/28)

Fix updating equities on opponent hand range change

Release (2019/08/26)

Import improvements

Release (2019/08/23)

Add warning if user tries to import from “Program Files” folder.
Import fixes

Release (2019/08/22)

Fix double importing of hands

Release (2019/08/21)

Fix import progress reporting

Release (2019/08/21)

Implement database import user interface (for HM2 and HM3 databases)
Improve import reliability
Provide message to user when cash game hand history is imported
Improved import error handling
Implement new Bovada parsing

Release (2019/08/09)

Add HM2 import
Fix feedback and error reporting

Release (2019/08/01)

Licensing fix

Release (2019/07/30)

Fix ACR hole card parsing

Release (2019/07/30)

Improved import speed
Fix sessions bug
Add zip file import
Resume previously interrupted import
Improved error reporting
Auto import enhancements
Hand status improvements
Add America’s Cardroom import
Improved import of tournament summary files

Release (2019/06/07)

Improved auto-importing

Release (2019/06/01)

Add check for invalid sessions

Release (2019/05/31)

Fix hero fold error in hands with a really small stack
Improve hand status
Rename Options to Settings
Fix parsing of WPN antes
Fix bug when merging sessions
Disable auto-import (temporarily)

Release (2019/05/14)

Add MaximumQualifiedEffectiveStackBb config option
Lower threshold for borderline status

Release (2019/05/03)

Fix hand status bug

Release (2019/04/30)

Performance improvements

Release (2019/04/23)

Fix anonymous hands uploading

Release (2019/04/18)

Add empirical opponent modeling

Release (2019/04/10)

Improve error reporting
Fix PokerTracker tournament summary parsing bug

Release (2019/04/02)

Add support for non-bounty zoom tournaments

Release (2019/03/19)

Improved error handling when opening a database

Release (2019/03/13)

Fix Ignition parse error with large seat numbers
Recognize and report Ignition cash hands
Fix error when trying to load invalid quiz

Release (2019/03/12)

Add custom blinds to custom hands
Fix custom hand initialization bug

Release (2019/03/11)

Improve error reporting

Release (2019/03/08)

Improve custom hand editor

Release (2019/03/01)

Fix default opponent model

Release (2019/02/25)

Fix importing of sample hands

Release (2019/02/25)

Fix initialization of select custom hand on start up

Release (2019/02/19)

Fix custom hand opponent hand range editing
Report non-english characters in imported files

Release (2019/02/06)

Add support for PokerStars Zoom bounty tournaments
Improve import performance

Release (2019/02/04)

Improved opponent modeling
Fix initial ICM/chip equity mode
Improved handling of opponent hand range changes

Release (2019/02/01)

Improved tournament detection
Fix hand equity payouts

Release (2019/01/28)

Fix blank hero hand range

Release (2019/01/25)

Fix updating of payouts in quiz and custom hand settings when poker site changes
Show warning when 888 cash hands are found
Add support for Party Poker 3 handed sit & go’s
Improved hand status/hand equities background calculations
Improved opponent hand range editing

Release (2019/01/06)

Improved error reporting

Release 3.0.627 (2018/10/17)

Disable features while hands are importing

Release 3.0.619 (2018/10/15)

Allow cancelling import
Show import progress bar
Set default session filter to all sessions

Release 3.0.617 (2018/10/09)

Improve importing of very large files (like those exported by Holdem Manager)

Release 3.0.605 (2018/09/25)

Fix some custom hand bugs

Release 3.0.604 (2018/09/21)

IPoker parser fixes

Release 3.0.603 (2018/09/20)

Add edit hand command to tournaments and quizzes view
Fix parsing of German double values
Add support for IPoker hands that do not include hole cards or player actions
Fix hero position bug in quizzes

Release 3.0.592 (2018/09/14)

Improve handling of invalid import folder
Changing opponent pre-push hand range updates the opponent’s subsequent calling range
Add support for PokerStars emailed hand history
Allow adding custom payouts in quiz and custom hand settings

Release 3.0.585 (2018/09/12)

Don’t update view during import until all hands have been imported
Disable auto import when a manual import is in progress
Parse German card suits
Add support for Winamax hand histories
Report error if database cannot be opened
Fix Winning Poker Network card parsing bug
Add support for IPoker tournaments that have been exported from PokerTracker

Release 3.0.566 (2018/08/21)

Improve support for PokerStars home games
Improve support for PokerStars FPP Match Round games

Release 3.0.565 (2018/08/21)

Fix parsing of numbers in non-US format
Ignore empty tournament summaries

Release 3.0.560 (2018/08/17)

Improved selection of available poker sites
Add support for Russian free tournaments
Add support for large blind Party Poker tournaments

Release 3.0.551 (2018/08/10)

Fix crash when creating a custom hand the first
Fix Ignition button seat location
Show warning when only tournament summaries are imported

Release 3.0.546 (2018/08/02)

Fix anonymous tournament payouts

Release 3.0.545 (2018/08/01)

Don’t send sample hands to anonymous hands server

Release 3.0.544 (2018/07/30)

Fix sorting of Ignition
Activate anonymous hands collection option

Release 3.0.538 (2018/07/25)

Fix feedback service

Release 3.0.537 (2018/07/24)

Improve 888 hand history parsing

Release 3.0.536 (2018/07/19)

Add support for Bovada hand histories

Release 3.0.534 (2018/07/13)

Add support for Ignition Poker hand histories

Release 3.0.533 (2018/07/09)

Fix 888 parser issue where blinds contain a separator

Release 3.0.532 (2018/07/06)

Fix error when importing only tournament summaries
Fix crash when the selected hand has an equity error

Release 3.0.530 (2018/06/27)

Fix culture dependent parsing issue

Release 3.0.527 (2018/06/20)

Fix custom hands bug where reducing the number of players causes an invalid hero position.
Improve error handling
Fix sample hand import bug

Release 3.0.519 (2018/06/08)

Improved import performance and parser fixes

Release 3.0.507 (2018/05/18)

Add hero hand range vs opponent hand range chart
Skip importing of .dhh and .phh files

Release 3.0.504 (2018/05/15)

Additional support for 888 hand histories

Release 3.0.503 (2018/05/10)

Fix custom hands button seat
Display PokerStars cash hands not supported message

Release 3.0.500 (2018/05/08)

Additional support for WPN hand histories

Release 3.0.497 (2018/05/04)

Hand filter fixes and enhancements
Fix iPoker parse bug for players with really long names
Add support for PokerStars Stars Coin tournaments
Add support for PokerStars hand histories with dot date separators

Release 3.0.483 (2018/04/26)

Fix iPoker parse bug

Release 3.0.474 (2018/04/04)

Fix auto import.
Improved hand equity performance
Hand status and equity enhancements

Release 3.0.439 (2018/01/26)

Fix an equity bug.

Release 3.0.400 (2018/01/18)

Support PokerStars hand histories with dashes in the date
Fix player sitting out parse bug

Release 3.0.393 (2018/01/05)

Fix import errors

Release 3.0.371 (2018/01/04)

Add 888 parser
PokerStars tournament summary parser fixes
Add WinningPokerNetwork parser

Release 3.0.364 (2017/12/29)

Add SendFeedback utility

Release 3.0.362 (2017/12/27)

Fix final table flag after import
Add licensing logging

Release 3.0.360 (2017/12/26)

Fix startup crash

Release 3.0.357 (2017/12/22)

Add opponent hand range versus hero diff chart
Add tournament payouts editor
Various bug fixes

Release 3.0.302 (2017/10/31)

Fix exception in startup wizard

Release 3.0.300 (2017/10/27)

Add Party Poker support
Add Microgaming support

Release 3.0.270 (2017/09/19)

Add zip file support
Add new themes
Implement auto import
Disable features when poker client is active
If create new file already exists, open it

Release 3.0.182 (2017/01/12)

Initial alpha release