User Feedback

As the author of the SitNGo Wizard, I take great pride in helping to teach thousands of players how to make money playing poker tournaments. Here is a sampling of user feedback I have received.

2+2 Forum Post: What are your “indispensable” SNG tools?

An excellent ICM-based tool for calculating expected equity for all-in push/fold/call decisions. The highly user-friendly interface allows you to search through your SNGs, automatically displaying hands where alternate decisions would earn you higher profits. Wizard is also the only ICM-based software on the market allowing for crucial resteal calculations, as well as giving equity-maximizing plays even in tricky muliple-opponent situations. Highly recommended for any serious SNG player.
Collin Moshman
Author of ‘Sit n Go Strategy

Thanks for this wonderful program; the GUI, quiz function, and ability to import HHs makes this far and away the best ICM tool I have come across.

Awesome product! Miles ahead of power tools or EGT!
-Donnie LaMere

We strongly recommend the use of The SitnGo Wizard software and see it as a crucial aid in helping you improve your ROI. In view of this we include The SitNGo Wizard in our 1 Year Premium and SNG Wizard Special Subscription Plans.

By the way, I made 50th place on the Earth “High Orbit” Poker Stars leader board after only a few weeks of using SNG Wiz, a feat that would have been close to impossible without your product. The fact that I have made s by using Wiz is not even a question, and as I continue to learn more about how to properly use Wiz, and with your constant improvements, I continue to make even more s, even though the games are “more difficult” than they used to be. Keep up the good work! Thank you-REALLY!
-Don in Georgia

Thanks for a really great program!!! I am currently using it on a daily basis on my computer and the quiz is awesome. I think that’s the part of the program that has helped me the most.”

Thank you for your prompt response. Also, for such excellent software, a wonderful tool to those smart enough to realize it.

Thanks for any help and thanks for making such an awesome product. I’m killing the SNGs on PokerStars after using the software just through the trial period!

Thanks for all your work, Wiz kicks ass! Improved my game ten times more than anything else.

Keep up the great work, you have made me a much better super turbo player. I can emotionally handle the variance and wild swings that this structure brings when I know I am making the correct mathematical decision. It really eases the pain!!

I’m glad to thank you for your incredibly fast and qualificated support. My problem was the clock!!! i didn’t know about SnG wiz problems linked to the clock (now i know!!!) but now it’s all right and my sng wiz is perfectly working. Some words more: i strongly believe that people must recieve appreciations when doing a good job so let me tell you (in a really serious way) that you (Dennis) are the BEST SUPPORTER EVER!!! you maybe don’t remember how many problems you solved me (and how quick!!!!) but i do and that brings me to tell that if all the supporters (of any kind) were like you, the world would be a little easier and enjoyable.