Current Hand Main View

The current hand main view consists of four tabs in the upper right of the current hand view.


The current hand main view (click to enlarge).

 The Snapshot

The snapshot tab displays graphical table view of the selected action in the opponent actions view.


The snapshot.

When you select a different action in the opponents action view, the snapshot will update to reflect that action.

Hole Cards

The hole cards tab show a grid of possible starting hole cards.


The hero hole cards.

Hole cards displayed in green are hands you should push. Hole cards in red are hands you should fold. Each cell displays the Diff (equity push – equity fold) for the hand.

The hole cards tab is the only tab that does not depend on the selected opponent action.


The graphs tab diplays a graph of the selected opponent action (in the opponent actions view). You can select which graph to display by clicking on the Options menu at the lower left corner of the graph.


Hero diff versus opponent hand range graph.

The diff versus opponent hand range graph displays an opponent’s hand range plotted against the Diff% value for the hero’s hole cards. When computing the Diffs for a particular opponent hand range, all other opponent hand ranges are held constant to whatever value is set in the game view. Only the selected opponent hand range is varied.


The details tab shows detailed information about the selected opponent action (in the opponent actions view).


Details view.


At the top of the view is a description of all actions before and including the selected action.

Action Properties

The next section displays some general properties of the selected action.

  • Hand range – The opponent’s hand range.
  • Hold range – Tthe percentage of time your opponent actually picks up a hand in his calling range after removing the hero’s hole cards.
  • Probability – The probability that this action will happen.
  • Equity – The hero’s total equity for this action.


The outcomes grid displays all of the possible outcomes for the selected opponent action. Each row is an outcome. The columns are properties of each outcome.

  • Main pot – The winner (or winners in the case of a tie) of the main pot.
  • Side pot – The winner (or winners in the case of a tie) of the side pot. If this field is blank, there is no side pot.
  • Prob – The probability of the outcome happening.
  • Equity – The hero’s equity for this outcome.