Editing Opponent Hand Ranges

You can edit any opponent hand range by clicking on the underlined hand range in the opponent actions view on the current hand tab. Clicking on a hand range will pop up the opponent hand range editor.


The opponent hand range editor (click to enlarge).

There are several ways to adjust the opponent’s hand range.

Drag the Include and Exclude Sliders

Drag the include slider to adjust the hands that are included in the hand range.


The include hand range slider.

Drag the exclude slider to adjust hands that are excluded from the hand range.


The exclude hand range slider.

Enter the Hand Range as a Percentage

Type a percentage into the hand range text box to modify the hands included in the hand range.


Hand range text entry.

Select Custom Hands

Click on hands in the hand grid to include or exclude individual hands to and from the hand range. If a hand is not currently included in the range, clicking on it will include it. If a hand is currently included in the range, clicking on it will exclude it.


Selecting custom hands.

Note: SW1 compatibility mode must be turned off to select custom hand ranges. Also, custom hand ranges cannot be select in quiz mode.

Saving the Hand Range

Click OK to save the hand range. The current hand view will recalculate the analysis using the new hand range.