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The SitNGo Wizard Affiliate Program

The SitNGo Wizard affiliate program provides website or blog owners with the prospect of referring potential customers to and earning money from every product sale.

We pay our affiliates 20% on each sale and all payouts are done via PayPal.

Your referral for each visitor lasts for 60 days and applies to both the SitNGo Wizard and Crushing Online SitNGos! Registration is quick and easy. You can begin promoting the SitNGo Wizard right away.

Note: This is a new program, so if you were previously a SitNGo Wizard affiliate you will need to register again.

How it Works

Step 1: Sign up for an affiliate account at

Step 2: After you log into your affiliate account, go to the “Banners/Links” menu page to get affiliate linking code/banner that you can put on your site to send traffic.

Step 3: Place the affiliate link or banner on your site.

Step 4: When visitors are referred to and they make a purchase, you (the referrer) earn 20% commission of the total sale value. You can track all referrals and sales from your referrals via the Stats menu of your affiliate dashboard.

Step 5: The commission is paid on a monthly basis. The commission will be paid given that you have earned $50 or more in commission. If not, the commission will roll onto the next month and will be paid once you have reached $50.