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    Hi I use SW 1 v not showing hand histories from Full Tilt. I already wrote you a mail on this issue. Error in text hand histories in Full Tilt is the place I need to manually write PokerStars and necessarily case-sensitive and all spaces. Then the whole hand history perfectly readable. I only play on Full Tilt. SW 2 is very poorly done. A lot of bugs. And things are not very clear, as if the program from 1997. I use PT4 and I don’t need to create a database of tournaments in SW. Need very high quality and simple calculator decisions and mistakes. SW 1 is very informative, simple, everything is clear and visible. Add the solution with three or more players, to free choice of hands for the opponents. I would buy again. From SW 2. not all good and excellent have remained in SW 1. It is very sad that all this started. When it was the best calculator. Now I use only SW 1 and look forward to new updates (the free choice of the owner, and decisions with three or more players). In the meantime, I actively ishadow other calculators which is much superior to SW 2 and the simplicity and functionality. Thank you. This is my personal opinion. Fix import with Full Tilt.


    SitNGo Wizard

    An update has been posted here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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