Custom Hands

When you don’t have a hand history or if the hand history format is not yet supported, you can analyze hands by creating custom hands. Click the Custom Hands tab to access custom hands.

Custom hands welcome page.

Creating a Custom Hand

Click the Create button to create a new custom hand.

Create custom hand button.

Custom Hand Settings

Clicking the Create button will bring up the Custom Hand Settings window.

Custom hand settings.

Custom hand settings include:

  • Poker Site – The poker site on which the hand was played
  • Tournament definition – The tournament definition determines the payouts and blind structure
  • Players at table – The number of players in the hand
  • Hero position – Your position
  • Hole cards – Your hole cards
  • Final table – Check this if you are at the final table
  • Small blind eliminated – Check this if the player in the small blind the previous hand was eliminated
  • Stack – The starting stack size for each player
  • Action – The first action of players who are acting before the hero
  • Amount – The size of the player’s action in chips

If you are at the final table, the number of chips not yet assigned to a player is displayed below the list of players.

Click OK to create your custom hand.

Custom Hands Grid

The custom hands grid displays all of the custom hands you have created. By default, the latest custom hand is at the top. To analyze the hand, double-click on the hand or click the Analyze button.

The custom hands grid.

Deleting Custom Hands

You can delete the selected custom hand by clicking the Delete Custom Hand button.

The delete custom hand button.