The sessions view is located in the upper left corner of the imported hands view.

Sessions view.

A session is defined as a group of tournaments whose start and end times either overlapped or were played within a window of time. The default maximum time gap between tournaments in a session is 30 minutes.

You can select multiple sessions by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking on sessions in the view. When you change the selected sessions, the tournaments view updates to display tournaments in the selected sessions.



The start column is the date and time that the first hand of the tournament started. You can filter sessions using the start filter.


The duration is how long you lasted in the tournament. It is formatted as hours:minutes:seconds.


Any column that has a  in its header can be filtered. Click filter button  in the column header to display the filter drop down. The filter is automatically applied as you edit it in the drop down. When you change a filter from its default, the filter icon will turn blue () to indicate that the column is filtered.

Start Filter

The start filter allows you to limit the number of sessions that are displayed in the sessions view.

Session start filter.

The start filter has four ways to filter sessions.

  • All sessions – Displays all sessions.
  • Last X sessions – Displays the last X sessions played. You can adjust the number of sessions by typing a new number or clicking on the up/down arrows.
  • Last X days – Displays sessions played in the the last X days. You can adjust the number of days by typing a new number or clicking on the up/down arrows.
  • Date range – You can enter a custom start and end date to display sessions within the range.


The view can be sorted by clicking in any column header. Clicking again in an already sorted column will reverse the sort. A column header displaying  is sorted in ascending order. A column header displaying  is sorted in descending order.