Improve Opponent Modelling with Anonymous Hand Collection

SitNGo Wizard 3 (SW3) has added an option to collect anonymous hand data to help improve future opponent modelling. No data is collected unless you specifically opt in. No personal or identifying data is ever collected. Here’s how it works.

If you opt in, SW3 will collect some data from the tournaments that you have imported and send that data to the SW3 server over the web. Your data will be combined with other users’ data and used to create more accurate opponent models in future releases. The models will become more accurate as more data is collected.

The Wizard may ask you if you would like to participate in anonymous hand collection. You can also enable or disable collection in the General tab of the Options.

Exactly what is collected?

For each tournament SW3 collects:

  • A hash value of the poker site and tournament number
  • A hash value of the hero name
  • The tournament payouts (if any)
  • The index of the first hand with an ante (if any)
  • The index of the first hand at the final table (if any)

The hash values of the poker site, tournament number, and hero name are used to prevent duplicate hands. For example, two users who played at the same table in the same tournament could both upload the same hands. The hash values will prevent the same hand from being counted more than once.

The hash values make it impossible to determine what poker site or tournament the hands came from.

The payouts are collected so that opponent models can be customized for specific payouts.

For each hand SW3 collects:

  • The starting stack size (in big blinds) of each player
  • The size (in big blinds) of each player’s preflop actions

No hand numbers or player names are collected.

Why would you want to participate?

The more hands that are collected, the more accurate the opponent models will be.

If you have any questions, please contact